Does anyone else think…?

I’m watching NFL football, like any self-respecting man should on Sunday afternoons, and I can’t help but wonder. Does anyone else think that the new NFL winter apparel is ugly as hell? The dot matrix gradients look like they were designed by a 6th grader on Microsoft Paint. Here, judge for yourself:


I guess the design would have a useful purpose if you decided to puke up your cheesy nachos all over yourself after too much Guinness. Otherwise I have no idea how anyone would purchase this yellow and black monstrosity.


One response to “Does anyone else think…?

  1. Jan,Actually try modifying the code at line 369 in ameta-includes.php to$order_array = &$order;$params = array_merge($params, $order_array); // php 5.3 wants these to be resherncefpep 2.5.4 seems happy with that, and that php manual link seems to imply that that may be what php 5.3 wants.Please let me know if that works!

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