A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

So I’ll be perfectly honest with everyone. I’ve been imbibing on some caipirinhas for the past 3 or so hours, and it’s slowly becoming an ordeal to type correctly. Thank you, WordPress spell check, or else this would be a total disaster.

But Jason, it’s a weekday night, why are you drinkin’? I’ll tell you why, jerk! I’ve just completed all ten of my graduate school applications that I’ve been working on for the past three months, and I’ve had a bottle of Leblon cachaca waiting for me for just this occasion. So I can do whatever the hell I want. Which could lead to some sticky situations.

I live across the street from the Westfield UTC shopping mall. Literally across the street. I was perusing the Internet at around 10:45 pm when I saw an ad for the Macy’s one day sale. One day? When? Oh…today. Like right now, and it ends at midnight. Mind you, I’m in no shape to operate a car. So I trudge over there under the night sky and go looking for some crap I need. About five steps in I realize what a disaster this has all been. I’m in no condition to shop for crap I kind of don’t need, wandering aimlessly throughout the store.

Macy’s lady: Can I help you find anything?
Me: Uhh…….nahh I’m cool!
Macy’s lady: Alright then…

Sucks to be them, working until midnight dealing with people like me. I’m sorry. I didn’t even buy anything.

Anyways, last Monday Michelle Branch played a private show in LA for around 150 people. I don’t really know what it was for, but I scored a pair of tickets…twice, so I’d be stupid not to go. For the few of you who don’t know me, Branchy is probably my favorite musician of my short inconsequential life, so this was kind of a big-ass deal. And it delivered. Watching her from about seven feet away playing new songs and old songs, evoking memories of my adolescence, it was pretty darn cool. All acoustic, to boot. I lived every asian dude’s dream, to see Branchy up close and personal, so yall can be jealous if you want.

Along with my tickets came some Michelle Branch endorsed Lottery scratch off cards which netted me three dollars and this nifty autographed credential. So basically I got paid $3 to go see Michelle Branch with three other people. Not a bad deal.

3x $1 winner!

I don't really know why I took a photo of this.

Sorry I’m borderline coherent and this writing is not up to the high standards I’d set for myself with the last few posts. You win some, you lose some, you drink some, you booze some. That’s what I always say. (I made that up right now because it rhymed.) I’ll look back at this tomorrow morning and decide to delete it, so read it now while you can! Hurry!


2 responses to “A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

  1. i scratched that ticket!!! 6 tacos!!!!

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