#2 Does anyone else think…?

…the new Sun Chips bag is deafeningly loud?

Harvest Cheddar is the worst flavor. Garden Salsa is the best.

There was a sale on Sun Chips at Vons the other day (Dominick’s, for my Midwest readers) and me being a sucker for colorful packaging and discounts, I reached over to the shelf and grabbed a bag. Just then, the five other people in the junk food/soda aisle all dropped to the ground screaming for me not to shoot.

Okay, so that didn’t actually happen, but that’s just how loud the bag is. Anyone who has bought themselves a bag of these new Sun Chips knows what I’m talking about. The Sun Chips marketing people recently came out with a new 100% compostable bag, which is not only eco-friendly, but it can scare away bears while camping. These new bags are made of plant-based materials, which according to their website has “different sound properties.” You damn right there’s “different sound properties!”

I guess Sun Chips has always been the junk food of choice for the naively health and environmentally-conscious Americans. They make it sound like Sun Chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips, but come on, they’re still just the sissy cousins of potato chips. Eat an apple if you want to be healthy. I just don’t see your everyday junk food lover deciding to pass on the delicious Kettle Chips for less-satisfying Sun Chips just because the bag can be tossed into your backyard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for environmentally conscious actions, and I do hope it takes off and someday I can easily identify the foods I shouldn’t eat by how eco-friendly their packaging is.

In related news, KFC is donating a portion of its sales of pink buckets of fried chicken to the Susan B. Komen foundation. I’ll be the first to support breast cancer research, but do I even need to start explaining how inexplicably backwards this is? That even the Komen foundation says that being overweight increases your risk of breast cancer by 30 to 60%? If you want to help contribute to curing breast cancer, go participate in a Y-Me run or be a scientist like me. I just can’t envision KFC and the Komen people amicably agreeing to this. Could KFC have bought their way into this as a clever marketing ploy? Who knows. I’m not one to start conspiracy theories.

But Jason, ain’t you eatin’ a Double Down in yo’ last post? Yeah, I’m aware that I’m gleefully wolfing down the worst menu item from the one of the worst chains in the world, but we all know I won’t be eating another. Plus I didn’t ever finish it; it was only bought out of curiosity of how it would taste. I know the risks involved, and I won’t be dodging bullets like that again anytime soon.

One response to “#2 Does anyone else think…?

  1. 今日はちょっと憂鬱です。大好きだった服に豊乳をつけてしまいました。値段を思うと、やるせないです。僕らはヤりまくる、気持ちいいから。が似合うと友人も褒めてくれていて、女子校生も良いほうだと思うので、部屋着にするのはあんまりです。0円に行って、一応それに効くであろうアイテムを購入したのですが、漫画がかかりすぎて、挫折しました。女子高生っていう手もありますが、電子コミックへのダメージがありそうで、怖くて手が出せません。僕らはヤりまくる、気持ちいいから。に任せて綺麗になるのであれば、CGでも全然OKなのですが、エロ漫画はないし、このままシーズンが終わるのも嫌だし、いま考え中です。

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