If it’s not on ESPN, it’s not a sport…but I don’t care.

Before I get into the second part of the last post, I need to show off my newest toy:

Like many normal teenage boys, I had one of those Nerf basketball hoops in my room. You know, the kind where after a few months you start to master the fine art of off-the-side-wall-double-clutch-reverse dunks or how to arc your shot just high enough so it almost scrapes the ceiling.

Well it turns out I never grew out of that phase. I guess I never grew period, but a couple months ago I got myself a mini basketball hoop from Justintymesports.com. Now these bad boys aren’t your normal plastic hoop and cardboard backboard type that you get from Toys R Us. The Justintymesports hoops are breakaway and made of solid steel, and attached to a thick fiberglass backboard. Basically, it’s the real thing, just miniaturized. Basically, it’s the best $50 I’ve ever spent.

Unnecessary Instagram filter.

In this apartment, the holy grail of trick shots is the one where you bounce it off the back wall of the living room, and into the basket. After hundreds of failed attempts, my roommate Chris did this:

Anyways, the moral of the story is that this will never get old!


3 responses to “If it’s not on ESPN, it’s not a sport…but I don’t care.

  1. I need to get one of those…

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  3. As an owner of many basketballs and alayws interested to add basketballs to my shooting rack, I finally dedicated some time and money to get the official NBA leather game ball and took time to break it in before properly reviewing it. I must note that all the basketballs are at 8psi (which is the median of the nba psi standards of 7.5-8.5psi). The official NBA Ball comes out of the box really slick. It feels cheap but not like a $10 rubber ball that you’d find at a toy store or the promotional balls you’d get from Pizza Hut years ago. A leather ball feels completely different from any ball a non-competitive player has played with. Most of us that play basketball for fun usually just played with any ball. Over time, recreational players get used to the feel these balls have and that’s why they are quick to shoot down the NBA ball. When I brought both NBA ball types to games (leather and composite), most players thought that the leather NBA ball was the ball that was rejected by the NBA players. They were so sure of it. On the flip side, they thought that the NBA composite ball was the current basketball used. Obviously they never played with anything of this grade and didn’t know what a leather ball felt like. Initially, the leather ball feels heavier as a reviewer said and takes a long time to break in. The best method of breaking it in for me was a two part process. 1. I got some leather conditioner, rubbed it with a rag and let it dry. 2. The next day I would go and shoot around with it for a few hours. Dribbling breaks it in and with this conditioner, it broke it at a faster rate. Now that it’s broken in, it’s an absolutely fantastic ball. Nothing comes close to it. The more you play with it, the better it feels. It holds air really well and doesn’t leave scuff marks on your hands. However, it is a real sensitive ball and has a couple noticeable scuff marks. About a half inch each. Doesn’t affect the ball outside of ruining the perfect image you see in the product description. I must note that all the balls used have the same PSI (about 7.5, which is the median based on NBA rules). I am a short player and have small hands. I don’t have any problems with this ball. I have to disagree with another reviewer about having to be a man-child or needing to be strong to use this ball. It’s still a ball! It feels lighter as you break it in but that may also be due to getting used to playing with it. I did notice that it is more forgiving on the rim as a shooter and as many people have said, it feels right . What does this mean? You would have to shoot around with it when it is broken in to feel the same way. When it is not broken in, it may feel too slick, slippery and may be frustrating to use. Don’t lose your patience or give it a bad review until you break it in. I also think it has a distinct sound when you get nothing-but-net. It’s a better sound and makes you want to continue to make swishes. I use this ball in a league I play in as well as the other balls mentioned in this review and for our team at least, our shooting percentage is higher with the leather NBA ball. There are a lot of variables of game shooting but just wanted to make a note of that. The NBA composite ball feels great when you start playing with it. Everyone on my rec. team preferred it initially because it has a soft and nice grip. After it got broken in a bit, it began to leave little burns on the tips of my fingers and on the inside of my palms. Since I’ve broken it in even more, it lost the great grip but it’s still pretty solid. I don’t think it’s incredibly slippery when wet but it’s not like the leather ball. When the leather ball is wet, it actually feels better. That’s probably why you see Steve Nash lick his fingers as he dribbles up court. You don’t need the leather ball to be wet to feel nice but it does feel nice wet when other composite balls feel slightly slippery. In the end, some people don’t give the composite ball a chance because it was rejected by the NBA players. They automatically say it’s trash without playing with it. I think it’s the best composite basketball out there. It would be my number 2 basketball from the basketballs listed here. Since it’s hard to find the defunct NBA composite basketball, I doubt most people will have the option to test it for themselves. (update: When I first wrote this, I did believe it was the best composite out there but I feel that it has declined to the point where I cannot stand by that comment. It IS the best composite ball until you reach a certain point and then it declines. I haven’t played with it as much of late due to the recent declines. I have played with other composite balls nearly as much and they did not decline as fast as the NBA composite). The Wilson Solution (official college ball) is a great ball as well but also of the composite variety. It’s nice overall but

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