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If it’s not on ESPN, it’s not a sport…but I don’t care.

Before I get into the second part of the last post, I need to show off my newest toy:

Like many normal teenage boys, I had one of those Nerf basketball hoops in my room. You know, the kind where after a few months you start to master the fine art of off-the-side-wall-double-clutch-reverse dunks or how to arc your shot just high enough so it almost scrapes the ceiling.

Well it turns out I never grew out of that phase. I guess I never grew period, but a couple months ago I got myself a mini basketball hoop from Justintymesports.com. Now these bad boys aren’t your normal plastic hoop and cardboard backboard type that you get from Toys R Us. The Justintymesports hoops are breakaway and made of solid steel, and attached to a thick fiberglass backboard. Basically, it’s the real thing, just miniaturized. Basically, it’s the best $50 I’ve ever spent.

Unnecessary Instagram filter.

In this apartment, the holy grail of trick shots is the one where you bounce it off the back wall of the living room, and into the basket. After hundreds of failed attempts, my roommate Chris did this:

Anyways, the moral of the story is that this will never get old!